What Is A Disulfiram Reaction?

Antabuse/Alcohol reaction, The reaction of mixing Antabuse and alcohol. 1st ever.., ,

The reaction of mixing Antabuse and alcohol. 1st ever..

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  1. Multiple first account experiences here.  It does cause reactions, but many factors at work. Body weight, dosage, length of time taking it, and the amount of alcohol drunk.  It should take a couple drinks before it starts to show (2-3 whole drinks, beer/wine/shot, etc. more or less depending on all of the above)  It starts with a flush/hot feeling to the skin, and an elevated heart rate. Mild at first, but increases rapidly once symptoms begin to show.  If you feel nothing after a couple drinks, but start to show on the next…then expect an exponential rise in symptoms afterwards.  The hot/flush feeling will turn into a red rash across your face and torso, and the rapid heart rate will continue to rise along with blood pressure (the most dangerous part).  The drunk effect will be very intense and you may notice your breath tasting very strongly of alcohol. Next comes nausea and feeling like you need to throw up.  Once you feel like you need to vomit, there is very little time window before you are on the toilet.  Throwing up during this results in extremely acidic vomit (very painful dry heaves). Next comes cold shivers.  Beyond that I don't know.

  2. Wow. I'm taking Campral and I haven't had any side effects. Sorry it didn't help you

  3. Sir, I am another person who Antabuse does not affect.  I've been on the 250 mg each day and for the first year I was too damn scared to try even taking a sip of beer.  Then one nigh I grabbed my buddy's beer by mistake and took a huge gulp, and got no reaction.  This gave me the guts to try 1 shot.  This did nothing so I kept taking shots. The next thing I know I'm a .18 and going strong.

    About 5 days ago my doctor gave me a script for 500 mg name brand Antabuse based on the theory that my body just doesn't absorb from pills with whatever binder is used in the generics, and I'm like you I'm taking it because I want to quit.  Not because someone else is telling me to.

    So far in the last 4 days of taking that, I have drank to a .092 and felt absolutely nothing.

    My all means if you come across a solution that makes Antabuse work on you, SHARE IT WITH US!

    Thanks for the good video man, and God bless!

    PS: I also tell myself that I drink or use because I'm bored, but I'm starting to come to terms with the simple fact that I don't drink/use out of boredom. I drink/use to dull the sharp edges of the society that we have to negotiate with and mesh with every day. A mind altering chemical almost gave me some sort of shield that doesn't let all of the annoyances. Just like 40% so you can ignore the unimportant shit

  4. I am a lil like you man. I have not gone to bed butt sober since the early 90's. Alcohol for years. Some light use and some heavy. Then I had back surgery and quit drinking because I was hooked on pills for 5 yrs. now I am on subs and benzo for anxiety. No pills and no booze since starting 2 and half yrs ago. I have become a hermit. Marriage failing. No friends. Just a sub head. I would give anything to shake this shit and just go back to a few drinks at night. Going out with friends. Just no pills and no subs. Arg. The funking cycle. Wishing you all the continued luck. Joe in Georgia

  5. I get everything your saying. Just wanted you to know that you have helped me so much with your videos 

  6. For those who are interested into the exact mechanisms, since your video (while informative) doesn't exactly explain what is going on when a person drinks or when someone who is taking antabuse (disulfriam) drinks.

    The alcohol people consume is ethanol. This is basically what is going on: One drinks ethanol (when it is present in this form in the blood, you feel 'drunk'). The liver gradually metabolizes ethanol into acetaldehyde facilitated by the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase. Acetaldehyde is then further metabolized into acetic acid, which can then more safely leave the body. Of these three compounds, two (ethanol and acedaldehyde) are pretty toxic at the concentrations relative to those produced from drinking alcohol. Acetic acid/acetate are relatively harmless in the quantities produced from the metabolism of consumed alcohol. It can then be excreted through urine.

    Now, while ethanol is toxic, the symptoms one experiences from a hangover is caused primarily by acetaldehyde. The nausea, vomiting, light-headedness, fever/chills, shakiness, sweating, irritability, confusion, cardiovascular symptoms, etc. are caused by this compound. It is really quite nasty. The more one drinks, the longer it takes for the body to go through the entire process of converting all the alcohol into acetaldehyde and then into acetic acid = the longer the hangover. Non-alcoholics to just partied to hard one night may suffer for a day or so, but once the acetaldehyde is fully metabolized, the symptoms lessen and eventually subside.

    With antabuse, it's not like an 'alcohol blocker' like subutex or soboxone is for heroin. It doesn't have the CNS effects as it's primary functionality. One can still get 'drunk' while taking antabuse, BUT…. the main function of antabuse is that it BLOCKS the enzyme that converts the toxic acetaldehyde into acetic acid, leading to prolonged, heightened 'hangover' effects. So the body is prevented from being able to get rid of the nastiest of the metabolites. Patients say it's worse than the worst hangover they've ever had and lasts much longer, so that's why it's effective at dissuading them from drinking (if they have someone making sure they take it! — a true alcoholic will just not take the medication if they plan on drinking).

    Anyways hope that helped.

  7. bro, you and me think the same, I can't feel good about anything unless I'm on something , ANYTHING, been like that since I was 13 , and 40 years later same shit, and there is no rock bottom for guy's like us , because we turn on the dime and we are cross addicted so as so as we hate one drug, were off to another, never using one drug long enough to bring us to our knees, good luck and God speed buddy.

  8. ahhhh i was really hoping you would tell me antabuse made you sick…. because I’m trying to scare myself just like you were talking about. I’m supposed to start taking it and i know myself i will test it.

  9. Hello, out of all the videos of "withdrawal" you seem the less sketchy. I have been on "Done" for 3 years. Today is day 3 without but I did start Subutex today. Horrible…Horrible…Horrible. So, I'm wondering if this is even worth taking…

  10. I take antabuse everyday, it has helped me tremendously! I've tested it out and it didn't make me as sick as I would have liked but I still keep taking it. Gives me a reason not to drink and I feel like I make the decision in the morning and it puts me in control. I do 125mg daily and can get away with an occasional drink so I don't get the stigma of being an alcoholic (which I am) in professional settings. It has stopped me from being an out-of-control everyday drunk, and for that I'm very thankful! The boredom is the hardest thing to overcome, in the year I've been taking it I've lost nearly all my friends. I hope you can find some peace somewhere brother, if you're looking for a miracle prescription drug you're in for nothing but let down after let down.

  11. i have personal exprience of this i know antiabuse works i ended up in hospitak due to drinking on it

  12. You weren't drinking fast enough while on the shit to develop a reaction. If you want to get ill, finish two or three lite beers in 10 minutes our slam half your 40 ounce in one pour.

    There are many factors that goes in to how it works, and I'm sure having that 3 40 ouncer a night tolerance (which means you have a lot more liver enzymes than the average joe) doesn't help.

  13. You said you took a sip of a 40 (a very low percentage alcohol beverage) a few times every 30 minutes and then come to the conclusion that you're immune to antabuse?! That's hardly anything.

    Try drinking your usual three 40's a night routine before you were on antabuse over the course of an hour or two or however long it normally took you to drink the 40's pre-antabuse and tell me what happens.

    You'll get very sick, you might even die..

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